The Ryder Cup between sport and elegance

The Ryder Cup between sport and elegance

The American edition of the Ryder Cup will be held between 21 and 26 September 2021.

Golf lovers as you already know unfortunately due to the health emergency the Ryder Cup will be postponed. Let's look on the bright side: we will have more time to prepare for the long-awaited event! The American edition of the Ryder Cup will be held between 21 and 26 September 2021 in Whistling Straits, Haven, Wisconsin and also the Ryder Cup in Rome, again for reasons related to Covid, has been postponed to 2023. It is not the first time that happens: already in 2001, after the 9/11 attack, the competition had undergone a change of plans. Tips to pass the wait? Lots of golf, fun ... and our collection dedicated to the Ryder Cup. We have in fact created a special clothing line just for the competition, the "Capsule Ryder Cup"


From the jacket to the polo shirt, passing through the trousers - long and short - and the hat, an essential accessory for every golfer: the proposals for him contain the chic & tech typical of our collections. The Mexicoryd jacket is just what you need for summer days when the weather decides not to be on the side of us golfers. Thanks to the ultra -light wind-lock® stretch nylon that guarantees maximum protection from the wind, and to the super compact structure of the fabric, it allows you to try your hand on the green even on the windiest days. In addition, the Aqua-drop® treatment guarantees protection without sacrificing perspiration even when a few drops threaten to ruin your game.

Stretch and comfortable Dry-matic® fabric , for Grigolinryd Bermuda shorts which are essential to be refined and comfortable even on the hottest days. Five pockets - plus a breast pocket - designed to always have everything you need with you. A chic & tech touch is given by the contrasting embroidery and the comfortable pockets. Recommended for aperitifs in the club house after a day on the field.

The Ardarenewryd2 polo shirts, with short sleeves with three buttons and in different colors, are also made with the Dry-matic® fabric : together with the polyamide microfiber and the specific finishing, they represent a guarantee of evaporation breathability. If your style is more classic and you prefer neutral colors, you can find it in white or blue. If, on the other hand, you don't want to go unnoticed, we have created variants in pastel and baby blue colors.


For her, we have not renounced elegance combined with sportiness, proposing a collection with an unmistakable chic & tech style, with original garments, with refined textures and technologies. For a day on the green or an aperitif in the club house we thought of Anzorightryd sleeveless polo shirts available in different colors, embellished with the distinctive Ryder cup logo.

For windy late summer days and sudden drizzles, we thought of the Espinosaryd Vest in shiny Wind-lock® nylon with the down free padding that embellishes the garment and makes it slightly warmer even for cooler late summer mornings. In addition, the Aqua-drop® treatment protects from light rain without sacrificing breathability.

Finally, the Sonoraryd trousers , which leave the ankle uncovered, are perfect to wear even off the pitch. Made of DRY-MATIC® stretch fabric , it is a must have for the club house aperitif that thanks to the extra touch given by the Ryder embroidery allows you to stand out as true golf lovers.

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