SUN-BLOCK®: The technology for summer play

SUN-BLOCK®: The technology for summer play

Golf addicted? We know that you were looking forward to the summer to spend the entire day on the green playing golf. But are you afraid that the heat could force you to give up playing your favorite sport? It won't happen with the right golf clothes. We have designed for you technical garments made with SUN-BLOCK® technology that will be your ally in the field, even under the hottest sun.

Don't give up on maximum comfort, choose SUN-BLOCK® technology!

SUN-BLOCK® represents the revolution in the field of technical clothing dedicated to golfers. It is a special titanium filter that transforms the fabric into a real protective screen against UVA and UVB rays. This will allow you to play golf even on the hottest and sunniest summer days without incurring the danger of painful sunburn, ultraviolet skin irritation, sunburn or annoying dermatitis. For a golfer, concentration is everything. If you lack comfort, you risk turning the best golf swing of your life into an unforgivable mistake. The clothing functionalized with SUN-BLOCK® technology was created to meet the needs of you golf addicted,

You can play golf without sweating by choosing SUN-BLOCK® by Chervò

The feeling of discomfort that sweat can cause risks compromising the concentration of even the most experienced and motivated golfer. This is why we have created garments with SUN-BLOCK® technology, which thanks to the double-sided structure of the fabric have a draining capacity capable of giving a feeling of dryness and freshness. The fibers used to make our golf garments are of the best quality, natural and breathable, making them pleasant to wear even for many hours. Furthermore, the elasticity and the perfect fit accompany the movements without hindering them, allowing you to play in total comfort and convenience. Thanks to the practicality of clothing equipped with SUN-BLOCK® technology you will always be ready for a match organized at the last minute.

Technical clothing for Chervò golfers with SUN-BLOCK®: elegance and practicality on the golf course

For a golfer, elegance is a way of life. The perfect clothing to show off on the golf course must respect the etiquette of the game, be in keeping with the high-level environment. Chervò golf suits with SUN-BLOCK® do not neglect this aspect but are able to combine style and practicality, attention to detail and comfort. Chervò clothes for golfers offer the opportunity to present yourself on the golf course impeccably dressed and in line with the latest dictates of fashion but without ever giving up on practicality and comfort. Thanks to all these features, SUN-BLOCK® garments help to make you feel perfectly at ease, as well as improve your concentration to put any shot in the hole!

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